Starting in 2020, Economia Viva is releasing an annual report where everyone can find a summary of all the opinions addressed during each edition of the event. We want to be more than a debate in which one simply sits, listens, and goes home at the end of the show. This is a plea to any policymaker:

Do not stand idly by
Do not let this event and these documents be important just in the present
Use what we have gathered to help you in your line of work
Above all, make a difference

Economia Viva 2020

Starting with a discussion on the ethical implications of nudging and the important role of experimental economics in devising data-oriented policies, passing by the necessary steps towards a just transition to a more sustainable economy and society, the implications of a deeper integration in Europe, the efficiency of self-regulated labour markets, the future of our globalized world, and the strength of the Portuguese banking sector for facing a future crisis. This report aims at giving an independent and unbiased insight on these topics by gathering a rich set of diverse and informed opinions. That is the essence of Economia Viva, and that is what we have always thrived for.

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