The biggest cycle of conferences about Economics organized by students in Portugal aims to bring together students, managers, economists, professors, national and international researchers in order to establish a close dialogue between these groups, normally distant from each other. Economia Viva is organized by Nova SBE Students’ Union (Nova Students’ Union) and by the Economics Club of the university (Nova Economics Club) and institutional endorsement of Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE).

Back in 2016, Economia Viva was proposed by Nova Economics Club to Nova Student’s Union. Since then, every year Economia Viva brings to the discussion issues with relevance at a national, european¬†and international level, promoting a dialogue open to all society and supported by well-known Economists from all over the world.

Three editions after, we continue to raise our expectations. Feel free to contact us sending an email to to know more about our work, future editions and to become a partner!